"When developing a shoot, I usually ask myself, "what is your visual intention during this time?" To photograph personal stories, to photograph the human condition, to depict my subjects truth."


I love experiencing a new country/contient, new community, a new state. Entering a families home, spending an hour plus long conversation with a stranger which later becomes a friend, photographing my subjects as they are. Documenting their truth, engaging with the individuals who are allowing me into their intimate spaces, produces a small moment of magic and deep connection.

Intertwining the principles of portraiture and my time in the fashion industry, have helped mold a unique approach to documenting others photographically. I love associating individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life with honor and dignity. Focusing on the beauty in there personal story.


We all have an important and meaningful story, a journey, to share. Through  documentary & humanitarian photography, that individual story can come alive, can evoke deep emotion and connect us all." -Teanna

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